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Beautiful - Anita Waller

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Book Description:

What happens when your innocence is taken away?

Amelia is a happy six years old. Then a chance encounter with a bad man, in the park changes everything

Can she ever recover from the trauma in her childhood?

This is Amelia’s story. Follow her as she discovers that life, love and loss can be a killer. And sometimes revenge can be beautiful…

This is Anita Waller’s stunning debut.

Editorial Reviews:

"In a year that has seen a few great psychological thrillers published, Beautiful is a standout because of its compelling simplicity." Crime Fiction Lover

"A remarkable debut that fills the void after Gone Girl… A very clever writer. All the makings of a best-seller" Betsy Reavley, Author

"You'll be left thinking about this book long after you finish it." Florrie Palmer, Author and Songwriter

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