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Bloodhound Books is a leading independent crime fiction publisher based in Cambridge, UK. We specialise in crime, thrillers, mystery & chillers. 

eBooks to edge out print books by 2018

A recent report by PWC has suggested that eBooks will outsell printed books by 2018. Predictably the naysayers have wasted no time in lamenting the demise of the good-old-fashioned paperback. A terrible shame it would be too should the printed book ever desert us and leave the literary world as but a digital hegemony.

We, on the other hand, are sure that this will never happen. The eBook and printed book are not in competition with each other, they are complimentary cohabiters in a hybrid future.

eBooks are convenient and cheap to buy, but until you can walk into a digital bookstore and leisurely peruse ebooks at random, until you never need to worry about your battery dying on your eReader or until you can easily lend a title to your friend that they 'just have to read', there will always be a place for the printed book alongside its digital cousin.

And this is why at Bloodhound Books we are committed to publishing our author's formidable fiction as both eBooks and in paperback. Just the way it should be...