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Reading a novel in three hours... it can't be done, can it?

The Bloodhound Books team love reading books which is just as well when you consider the number of submissions we receive each week. We're quick readers but sometimes even we get swamped and could do with a helping-hand... 

Now I always thought Spritz was a refreshing drink to enjoy on a summer's day. But I've recently learned its the name of the company behind the advanced text streaming service which is out to reinvent the way people read. 

Rob Boffard of The Guardian managed to read a Man-Booker shortlisted novel in just 3 hours with this service... that is some going.

You can test yourself directly on their website... at first it's bizarre, but once you tune in its quite astounding the speeds you can get to. I managed to get up to 500 words per minute without too much bother. I've no idea what speed I normally read (who the hell does?) but that is apparently twice the average reading speed!

So is this the future of reading?  Might I finally be able to finnish War and Peace?

I'm on the fence for now... give it a go and let us know what you think!