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Heart-pounding new horror; Minstrel's Bargain is out now.

Bloodhound Books are proud to announce the release of Richard Ayre's debut novel Minstrel's Bargain.

A classic horror, Minstrel's Bargain will have your heart pounding from the outset.

"Newcastle 1988. Reporter Phil Sturgess is intrigued by an up and coming rock band. Their music is hypnotic and has a strange power over it's listeners. But then terrible things begin to happen - macabre, bloody killings and suicides. As the city is drawn into violent chaos, Sturgess must make a choice...

Fight or Flight. Heaven or Hell. Live or die.... It's a devil of a decision."

Minstrel's Bargain is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback now.

Minstrel's Bargain
By Richard Ayre