Bloodhound Books

A Leading Independent publisher of crime and thriller fiction

Bloodhound Books is a leading independent crime fiction publisher based in Cambridge, UK. We specialise in crime, thrillers, mystery & chillers. 

Bloodhound Books Pass 1 Million Sales

Bloodhound Books was founded in late 2014 with a clear vision. We wanted to build an independent publishing house that did things a little differently, that put authors at the forefront and that gave a voice to talented writers whose voices may otherwise never be heard. More than anything we wanted to publish some of the very best crime fiction that would thrill and delight readers.

It was hard sometimes, competing in an industry with established names and corporate giants, but we stuck with our goals and we knew we were building something. Fast-forward two and a half years and we've grown a bit. We've built a talented and passionate team, we’re working with 39 brilliant authors, we’ve published 46 titles and, we’ve just noticed, that some time last month we sold our 1 millionth book. And with well over half of those coming in the last 8 months we’re confident that it won’t be long before we are celebrating hitting the 2 million mark.

But for now it seems apt to thank those very brilliant authors, the talented team who work with us, the bloggers who work tirelessly to promote the books they love and, of course, our very loyal readers who have bought, read, shared and recommend our books. Thank you to each and every one of you.

To further celebrate this milestone we've got the mother of all give-aways, make sure you check our Facebook page at midday today for more details on how to enter!