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Steve Liszka

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Steve has been a firefighter for the past seventeen years and it was his job that led to him writing his latest novel The Threat of Violence. He is based at Preston Circus Fire Station in Brighton, one of the busiest in the South East and it is in this city that his story is set. Originally from Swansea, Steve studied sports science in Cheltenham. Midway through his course and fed up with the education system, Steve took a year off his studies to travel around Thailand. It was there he met Ange, his future wife, who somehow manages to still put up with him after twenty years.

Being a Welshman, Steve has played rugby for much of his life. He retired recently just before his fortieth birthday, when he decided that waking up on a Sunday morning feeling like he’d been hit by a car, was no longer cool. In his mid-twenties, Steve took up amateur boxing, having more than a dozen bouts. The highlight of his boxing career was winning a gold medal at the world firefighter games, even though he only had to box once! Living by the sea, he also attempted kite-surfing a few years ago, but after suffering concussion, near drowning and a visit to the plastic surgeon, he decided he wasn’t quite the adrenaline junkie he thought. For the past ten years, Steve has also run his own old-school outdoor fitness classes using kettlebells, tyres, sledgehammers and various other instruments of torture.

Steve’s first novel This Machine Kills was released in 2012. It is a violent dystopian tale where the country is run by a businessman who wants to build walls around his cities to protect the residents from the poor people outside. As if that would ever happen!

Steve has two young children Buddy and Sylvie who like to keep him on his toes. For the past eighteen months he has been renovating his house, learning many new skills along the way. Unfortunately for the very patient Ange, his pace of work could at best be described as glacial.