Rob D. Tysall

Robert Tysall was born and brought up in Rugby, Warwickshire, and played the sport the town is famous for in his youth, until he discovered a passion and talent for music and photography. His career so far has been a busy mix of being lead vocalist and percussionist in bands, playing as far afield as Bahrain in the Middle East; plus working as a professional freelance photographer.

He is currently in a 60s, 70s & Beatles duo, and lives in Warwickshire with his wife, Heather. He has two grown up children who have both followed in his footsteps with their musical talents. Rob is multi published on the photographic side of things with countless magazine articles published, having worked with writer Ann Evans for many years as a writer/photographer duo.

For quite some time he has dabbled with the idea of writing a novel – a dream which has finally come to fruition as Rob and Ann teamed up to collaborate on a supernatural thriller which will be published by Bloodhound Books later in 2018.

Now that he has been bitten by the writing bug, there’s no stopping him, and two more book collaborations are currently in the pipeline.

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