Stuart James


 Stuart has always been a fan of scary stories, since a very early age, and loves nothing more than to put pen to paper and develop his terrifying ideas. He is a keen singer/songwriter and sang in a band for 20 years. He’s an amateur magician, is married with two teenage children and his other hobbies are reading and keeping fit.

Stuart currently he lives in Hertfordshire with his family, French Bulldog called Hugo and tabby cat named Amber.

He has built a substantial following on social media platforms and has almost 1000 followers on his Facebook page and 250 followers on Goodreads. He will always interact with his readers and loves nothing more than receiving messages on social media from people who enjoy his books.

He is keen to write for years to come, and his dream is to see one of his thrillers on the small screen. That really would be his dream come true.

Tara Lyons